October is when there is a clear drop in the temperature, when the day starts to get a little short and the night starts to get a little long. The cold evenings make me lazy and I would rather spend as little time in the kitchen as possible. Soups make for a quick and perfect … Continue reading

The quest for the perfect Tomato thokku is never-ending.  It can neither be too thick nor runny; tomato pieces should be disfigured but it can’t be a paste.  Finally, the spices should be just right and cooked to a perfect consistency.

It’s Janmashtami. The day he was born. And we all know that the he refers to the baby Krishna; the incarnation of Vishnu. Born to protect the world and deliver them from the two demons.. enough, You can read the story of Krishna elsewhere. Here guest chef Saras shares her special recipes and images of … Continue reading

Lemon pickle without oil

Pickles are the perfect accompaniment to the last course in a traditional south indian meal – thayir saadam (Highly recommended: try the two decoys on thayir saadam). As with most dishes, no two pickle recipes are the same. However, what is common knowledge is that oil is required to make a long lasting pickle. Oil, … Continue reading