October is when there is a clear drop in the temperature, when the day starts to get a little short and the night starts to get a little long. The cold evenings make me lazy and I would rather spend as little time in the kitchen as possible. Soups make for a quick and perfect … Continue reading

I had to come up with a quick vegetable dish for dinner last night. As I do in such situations, I reach into the refrigerator and fumble for available vegetables.  All I found were a celery heart, some jalapeño peppers, spinach and other odds and ends.  So dinner became rotis with my daughter’s favorite “color … Continue reading

Recipe from Guest Chef Raji Venkatesan Finely chop four zuchinis with or without peel. I like it with peel as it has a slightly crunch texture. Chop 1 large tomato and 1/2 large white onion also fine. Heat 2 spoons of oil and add mustard seeds,wait for it to sputter. Throw in the chopped zuchini, … Continue reading