Rasam Powder

Fresh rasam power adds a great deal of aroma and flavor to your rasams and to many other dishes you can make with recipes found in this collection.  It’s always been a bit intimidating to venture into the ‘grind your own spices’ space. This was the exclusive preserve of grandmothers and mothers.  I remember going … Continue reading

Here is a simple variation on the traditional aloo mutter paneer that is the staple of most tandoori restaurants the world over. With fresh vegetables and tomatoes it bursts with flavors. The tofu adds protein and removes some fat.  It can be a fairly low fat dish and versatile enough to be served with bread, roti … Continue reading

Every child knows that almost everything goes well with potatoes.  When you have company coming and are unsure of your guests’ vegetable preferences you can always say it with potatoes. Its also nice to add some other vegetables for both flavor and nutrition and simply to use what you have in the fridge.  I recently … Continue reading

I made this kuzhambu other other day when I had to cook up a sauce in a hurry for some visitors. Ideal for serving with adai, dosai or with rice.  This was a quick version and it can be made with a variety of available vegetables.

Paruppu Urundai Kuzhmbu

Another traditional delicacy form guest chef Saras of Mumbai. She show us how to use besan flour to make this easier version of urundai kuzhambu.  Paruppu urundai kuzhambu made with ground cooked lentils requires a little experience. The lentil balls tend to disintegrate when dropped into boiling water if you are not careful about the … Continue reading

Paruppu podi, a spicy ground lentil mix , is contributed by expert guest chef Saraswathi Varadarajan of Mumbai. A versatile mix indeed which can be eaten with rice or used to make several other quick and tasty dishes. “Yesterday I made the paruppu podi specially for the blog. Helped me in making my husband’s favorite … Continue reading