This is a simpler version of the very traditional moru kuzhambu, quite commonly made in many south Indian homes and at wedding feasts.  My friend Revathi Subramaniam shared her recipe with me. Being lazy, I have made it quite a bit simpler and easier to serve as a hearty soup, though one could argue it is really … Continue reading

We are having a chili contest at the office today. What’s the vegetarian to do to have an acceptable entry?  I feel like the proverbial cat with a long tail in a room full of rocking chairs. Off to the market to find good ingredients.  Let’s make this as fresh as possible and see if … Continue reading

Masala dosa.  This seeming simple dish conjures up childhood memories of those rare occasions when we would go out to eat. The two family favorites were Dasaprakash an Woodlands which were both Udipi style restaurants in the Chennai of my childhood days.  Big crispy dosa would be brought out with a flourish and served with … Continue reading

This common and easy to make fare is often scoffed at by expert cooks.  Perhaps it acquired this reputation from Kuchela (aka Sudama). This poor peasant goes to visit his childhood friend Krishna with nothing more than a handful of aval as a gift. Krishna, by then the king of Dwarka, receives his friend with … Continue reading

Gujarati Khandvi

Kalakshetra trained bharathanatyam Dancer, teacher, wife and mother of two and good friend, Paulomi Hoffman née Pandit of Duarte California shares her recipe for Khandvi. She made it for me for lunch along with a number of other delicacies when my daughter and I visited them for lunch a few weeks ago.  Perfect texture and ambrosial mix … Continue reading

Guest Chef Saras brings us a delicious variation on a Thai salad. Unripe papaya and mango grated salad is not only delicious, it is very healthy. try this as an accompaniment or a lunch by itself.

From time to time the local grocery will have fresh snap peas at an attractive price that I find irresistible. That week I will add these sweet crisp snaps to salads, to uppama, to sambar and to just about any dish I can think to add them. The key is to not overcook them.  The … Continue reading