This is a simpler version of the very traditional moru kuzhambu, quite commonly made in many south Indian homes and at wedding feasts.  My friend Revathi Subramaniam shared her recipe with me. Being lazy, I have made it quite a bit simpler and easier to serve as a hearty soup, though one could argue it is really … Continue reading

Spicy Vegetable soup with penne

This dish should really be called vegetable rasam and it’s a perfect one pot dinner for a small family.  I am not sure why I made it last night. I think it was because I was craving some spicy rasam flavors but didnt feel like making rice and a vegetable separately. I also had a … Continue reading

I made this kuzhambu other other day when I had to cook up a sauce in a hurry for some visitors. Ideal for serving with adai, dosai or with rice.  This was a quick version and it can be made with a variety of available vegetables.

My grandmother used to make this stew/soup when the kitchen was a bit bare. If nothing else was available in the kitchen, she would make what she called moru rasam accompanied by slices of bread toasted on an open flame using a steel wire contraption that would hold four slices of bread.  Nothing could equal … Continue reading