I love the gentle, yet complex taste of leeks. In omelets, in curries, stews, and soup, leeks make for a more complex set of flavors that boost every dish. I was introduced to this leek and potato soup years ago as a teenager in Europe. I have never been able to reproduce that “je ne … Continue reading

Many moons ago as a young lad I spend a summer in France; much of it in rural Provence.  Being a vegetarian I initially enjoyed the local ratatouille made with aubergine (eggplant), tomatoes and the delicious local herbs that grew everywhere called , not surprisingly, herbs de Provence.  Within a few days, however, my tastebuds … Continue reading

Winter is for soup.  Who doesn’t feel embraced and cared for when served a steaming mug of soup bursting with flavors. The best soups have some depth and complexity of flavor.  But that doesn’t make them difficult to make. It is all about ingredients and combinations.  Feel free to experiment with what you have available … Continue reading

From time to time the local grocery will have fresh snap peas at an attractive price that I find irresistible. That week I will add these sweet crisp snaps to salads, to uppama, to sambar and to just about any dish I can think to add them. The key is to not overcook them.  The … Continue reading

I had to come up with a quick vegetable dish for dinner last night. As I do in such situations, I reach into the refrigerator and fumble for available vegetables.  All I found were a celery heart, some jalapeño peppers, spinach and other odds and ends.  So dinner became rotis with my daughter’s favorite “color … Continue reading