The quest for the perfect Tomato thokku is never-ending.  It can neither be too thick nor runny; tomato pieces should be disfigured but it can’t be a paste.  Finally, the spices should be just right and cooked to a perfect consistency.

Every child knows that almost everything goes well with potatoes.  When you have company coming and are unsure of your guests’ vegetable preferences you can always say it with potatoes. Its also nice to add some other vegetables for both flavor and nutrition and simply to use what you have in the fridge.  I recently … Continue reading

Cabbage Curry

My mother would make cabbage curry quite often. Thankfully we never lose those childhood memories . She would often add carrots and, as a special treat, with fresh peas. The cabbage would be cut as fine as grated coconut. And yes, she would add freshly grated coconut. As an accompaniment to rasam and rice one could … Continue reading

Lemon pickle without oil

Pickles are the perfect accompaniment to the last course in a traditional south indian meal – thayir saadam (Highly recommended: try the two decoys on thayir saadam). As with most dishes, no two pickle recipes are the same. However, what is common knowledge is that oil is required to make a long lasting pickle. Oil, … Continue reading

Masala dosa.  This seeming simple dish conjures up childhood memories of those rare occasions when we would go out to eat. The two family favorites were Dasaprakash an Woodlands which were both Udipi style restaurants in the Chennai of my childhood days.  Big crispy dosa would be brought out with a flourish and served with … Continue reading

This common and easy to make fare is often scoffed at by expert cooks.  Perhaps it acquired this reputation from Kuchela (aka Sudama). This poor peasant goes to visit his childhood friend Krishna with nothing more than a handful of aval as a gift. Krishna, by then the king of Dwarka, receives his friend with … Continue reading

I made this kuzhambu other other day when I had to cook up a sauce in a hurry for some visitors. Ideal for serving with adai, dosai or with rice.  This was a quick version and it can be made with a variety of available vegetables.