Steam cooked potato bonda

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Guest Chef Saras is back with a splash.  Steamed potato bondas dim sum style. Yummy without all the oil.

Steam cooked potato bonda

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  • Prep Time : 1/2 hour minutes
  • Cook Time : 15 minutes
  • Rating 3 stars - based on 2 review(s)
  • Yield : 45 -50 small bondas for 5 big potatoes



Take a pan , add two tsp oil , add mustard urad dal, once it crackles add the onion/ garlic , green chillies and ginger and sauté till done. Add turmeric powder and salt. Add this to the boiled and mashed potatoes.
Add juice of half a lime. Chopped coriander and mix well.
Make small balls of this mixture.
Make a thick batter of besan , add the idli batter
Add a pinch of salt.
Instead of deep frying the bondas a healthier and equally tastier method is as follows.
Take a kuzhi paniyaram kadai preferably the non stick kind.
Keep on the stove and when warm, smear a drop of cooking oil in each of the kuzhis.
Dip the potato balls into the batter and pour into each of the kuzhi paniyaram moulds.
Close with a lid.
Keep the gas on low flame.
Once you see the bottom side done, using the paniyaram stick turn over the bondas so that the other side will get cooked.
You may add few drops of oil to each of the bondas. Close the lid till done.
Take it out of the mould once done.
Serve with appropriate chutney.


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