Happiness is a Cup of Vegetable Soup (vegan)

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A cup of hot vegetable soup is one of the ultimate comfort foods.  Take some to anyone who is feeling a bit under the weather and you will make their day and yours. A good soup is easy and quick to make and will last a few days if you can keep it that long.  My neighbor just had gum surgery and couldn’t eat solids. She is also off dairy as her 9-month old is allergic. So I made this soup for her today and I must say it was pretty good. The high temperature was 12F of this sunny day in February. An earthy fresh soup was soul warming.



Happiness is a Cup of Vegetable Soup (vegan)

IMG_1945 IMG_1946 IMG_1947 IMG_1949 IMG_1950 Vegan Vegetable Soup

  • Prep Time : 10 minutes
  • Cook Time : 20 minutes
  • Yield : 4 servings


  • Saute the onions in olive oil and add turmeric and rasam powder
  • Add Potatoes and carrots and saute lightly
  • Cover with hot water and bring to a boil and set to simmer
  • Add rest of the vegetables and simmer low for 12 minutes
  • Add salt and pepper and remove from heat and blend till smooth and grind in the olives
  • stir in lemon juice and serve with a cilantro garnish and fresh bread
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