Raw papaya and mango salad

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Papaya Mango SaladGuest Chef Saras brings us a delicious variation on a Thai salad. Unripe papaya and mango grated salad is not only delicious, it is very healthy. try this as an accompaniment or a lunch by itself.

Raw papaya and mango salad

Raw papaya and mango salad is a typical Thai salad. I have given some variations using some healthy ingredients.



Basic salad

Remove skin and seeds from raw (unripe) papaya and grate it ( not fine but use the medium serrated grater). Using the same grater, grate raw (unripe) mango with the skin so that it is crunchy .

Add chilli flakes, salt to your requirement. Normally a tablespoon of chilli flakes will balance the tanginess of the salad. Coarsely grind the roasted, unsalted peanuts, add to salad and mix well . Garnish with cilantro.


You may add roasted flax seeds, almonds or any nuts instead of peanuts.

To make your salad a wholesome meal, you may add cooked, drained and cooled barley, or quinoa,  and mix with your salad. Adjust your salt and chilli flakes accordingly.

Using a slightly ripe mango balances the taste.


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