Guest Chef Saras brings us another delicious yet simple stew. Her traditional recipes are marked by her simple steps and ease of preparation.

Soups have been a wonderful source of creativity for me. Like a golf game, no two soups are ever alike. The ingredients, combinations, proportions and methods all offer the possibility of infinite variation in flavor, color, consistency and texture. My mother would make a vegetable soup in India with a fresh tomato base and lentil … Continue reading

Although “Chakkarai” in tamizh means sugar, it is also alternatively used to mean something that is sweet. Chakkarai Pongal is the sweet cousin of the more popular Venn (Savory) Pongal. Normally I make the sweet pongal available here. This results in a perfectly delectable pongal. But this time I wanted to shake things up a bit!

Cabbage Curry

My mother would make cabbage curry quite often. Thankfully we never lose those childhood memories . She would often add carrots and, as a special treat, with fresh peas. The cabbage would be cut as fine as grated coconut. And yes, she would add freshly grated coconut. As an accompaniment to rasam and rice one could … Continue reading

Lemon pickle without oil

Pickles are the perfect accompaniment to the last course in a traditional south indian meal – thayir saadam (Highly recommended: try the two decoys on thayir saadam). As with most dishes, no two pickle recipes are the same. However, what is common knowledge is that oil is required to make a long lasting pickle. Oil, … Continue reading

Summer, to me, is always defined by the fruits it has to offer.  While I lived in India, it was the one and only Mango.  Here, it conjures up images of plums, apricots, cherries and berries of several kinds.  I know spring is moving on and summer is round the corner, when I start seeing … Continue reading

South Indian Meal on Banana Leaf

Guest Chef Saras shares her recipes for the aadi perukku festival of Tamil Naadu.  Served here in the traditional style on a fresh banana leaf.  The leaf adds its own flavor to the meal. Aadi perukku is a very traditional festival of thanksgiving to the monsoon god for filling the rivers with his abundance. After … Continue reading

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Vegetarian

In the parts where I come from, it is customary to start a meal with a sweet dish. Payasam is the first dish that is served on the plate. Keeping that tradition in mind, I wanted to start with something sweet. One of my high school friends lives near by and her husband is a … Continue reading

Strawberry Gazpacho

Summer Days and strawberries. This recipe has been adapted by guest chef Lavanya Krishnan.  Serve on your patio along with her vegetarian tacos for a light and refreshing lunch or dinner that will wow your friends, yet keep them from growing on you.