Paal koottu

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Guest Chef Saras brings us another delicious yet simple stew. Her traditional recipes are marked by her simple steps and ease of preparation.

Paal koottu

Paal koottu is a traditional South Indian dried dish. It goes extremely well with hot ghee rice and fried pappadams with as light variation using cauliflower makes a good side dish for rotis.


Paal KoottuOne can use any of the vegetables listed above to make this dish. Cut the vegetable into cubes. Cook with enough water and turmeric powder, salt and green chillies (cut fine if you want it spicy, or slit if you do not want it too spicy).

Cook the moong dal with enough water and turmeric, without making it mushy. When vegetables are cooked well , add the dal, grated coconut, stir without the vegetable  and make it mushy. Bring it one boil. Add milk and give it another boil.

Temper mustard seeds, urad dal, red chillies and jeera. When it crackles add the curry leaves and pour on top of the koottu. You may add a pinch of asafoetida and black pepper powder too, in your tadka.

A variation using cauliflower:

Cut cauliflower as big florets. Cook without making it mushy. Finely cut onions and garlic, green chillies, fry till translucent. Add the florets. Cook till done . Add the cooked dal, coconut and milk. Add a tsp of garam masala. Make a tadka of only jeera. Add fresh coriander instead of curry leaves. This is a NGO's side dish for rotis.

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