Roasted Red Bell Pepper & Cheddar Sauce

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Guest Chef Murari shares a robust penne pasta creation. A short cooking time from kitchen to table and quick clean up will make this a favorite for cooks. The kids will love it too.

Roasted Red Bell Pepper & Cheddar Sauce

A very different taste given by the red bell peppers makes this a gourmet category sauce  and best suited with penne. If you choose to use it with wheat pasta, then you may want to wait for a day to ensure the flavors are absorbed well in the pasta and then enjoy!image

  • Prep Time : 35-40 minutes
  • Cook Time : 15 minutes



For Sauce - Sauté olive oil on the red peppers and grill the peppers in the oven at 450 degrees or roast it on a stove until the skin is brown and easy to peel. (Remember to pre-heat the oven for 7-10minutes). Usually at 450 degrees, the peppers will get cooked and roasted well in about 18-20 minutes. Keep checking on it to ensure you do not burn it. Once peppers are ready, allow it to cool and then remove the seeds inside and peel the skin off. Blend it on a mixer and keep it aside. Pour 4-5 spoons of Extra Virgin olive oil on a saucepan & heat it up for few minutes. Once you see the oil expanding, add the blended red bell pepper sauce into the pan and stir occasionally. Once the raw flavor evaporates, add basil leaves and cheddar cheese adequately and stir for sometime until the gravy is coming together.
For Pasta Shells - As a parallel process, take a big pan filled with water & the pasta shells. Ensure the water is adequate to cover the shells. Add salt (1/2 spoon) & olive oil (1-2 spoons)and bring to boil. Allow the shells to get cooked. Stir occasionally to ensure the shells do not get stick. If required add more olive oil. Drain the water and allow the shells to cool down or run it in cold water.

Once the Red bell pepper & cheddar cheese sauce is ready, add the shells on the sauce & mix evenly. Pasta is ready to serve.

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