An Early Fall Soup

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Butter Nut SquashIMG_5957An early fall Sunday. The air is wet with rain and the birds a screaming with joy in the yard. The weather begins to cool and I start to think soup.  I have some squash and assorted color carrots and potatoes. Fresh herbs and tomatoes form the garden are still plentiful.  Soup sort of cooks itself while I write and sip tea. I potter with the camer and my photographs. I catch up with friends on Facebook. The gentle bubbling sounds are comforting and the aromas mingle with damp earth.  The neighbors will join me for dinner, I think.

An Early Fall Soup

Sauté onions and some spices with a bit of garlic and ginger. A tsp of curry powder and olive oil.  Add a chili or two to taste and an assortment of fresh herbs. In with the vegetables and squash.  Add boiling water to cover the vegetable and cover and simmer for 20 min.  Puree when cooled and serve with warm bread or crackers and an assortment of chips or spicy snacks.

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Butternut squash and other vegetablesSaute Onions and garlic in Olive oil and butter with chilli flakes and rasam powder. Add other vegetables coarsely chopped vegetables when the onions begin to clear.



 Add saffron and fresh herbs and toss and saute on med low heat to caramelize the carrots and other sweet vegetables while stirring occasionally.



IMG_5962Add hot or boiling water to cover the vegetables and add tomatoes and salt and pepper.  Cover and simmer for 20 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool.

Puree and add a cup pf milk and a 2 tbs of butter and heat over medium heat . Stir frequently. Do not boil.  Serve hot with assorted warm breads and or chips and spicy snacks.



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