My Daughter and I Make Spaghetti

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My daughter and I made dinner together today. If you ask her how she made the sauce she will tell you  ” first we will heat the pan and put oil then dad will put a chilli and then I will put the onions…”.  And she would be right.


Serve over half whole and half regular spaghetti cooked al dente. With a good mozzarella or cheddar cheese or shavings of Parmesan : (vegetarian cheeses please)

We had steamed asparagus with lime juice and salt and pepper and olive oil drizzled on top. You could use butter or balsamic vinegar. Try serving with a bit of lemon pickles on the side.

We had lemonade but you could serve a good Beaujolais .

My daughter loved it and chomped up the button mushrooms with relish. She had helped me choose them at the market. So she was committed to liking them perhaps.

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