On Friday evenings I usually fix up a bunch of simple appetizers and have friends over. You can do this with just about anything you have available in your kitchen.  Here are a few simple appetizers that you can serve your friend along with an assortment of wines or beer of soft drinks. These will … Continue reading

  Whenever my regrigerator fills up with vegetables a little voice inside my head cries out “soup”. Summer or winter, I find soup a satisfying cooking and culinary experince when served with good bread and cheeses or salads. Last week I had group of musicians visiting from India. One of them, the young singer, softly … Continue reading

Navarathiri is always a time for interesting snack. For most South Indians it is a time to make different kinds of sundal which is a sort of high protein salad with made with a variety of lentils and beans and with spicy, flavorful garnishes.  Here is my all-time favorite; a variation on the coconut, raw … Continue reading

Every cook needs a few quick dishes they can produce in a jiffy to feed unexpected visitors or a hungry family on the prowl for the evening meal.  Every Indian family has a few such dishes that the children know and anticipate with pleasure. Every wayside food stall and “hotel” have their own set of … Continue reading

Vegetarian chili

This is a terriffic vegetarian chili recipe from Ranga Seshadri. He brought some to share when he came to dinner and  I stashed it away for myself and I am glad I did. It was delicious and  I was able to make two more meals out of it that week.  I plan to experiment with … Continue reading

I have been keen on developing some potato recipes whcih do not call for fat and salt. It’s been quite easy to do that given the potatoe’s versatility.  Here is one that again takes but a few minutes to bring to the table. It’s economical, healthy, low cal and low fat and low sodium and … Continue reading

Ubiquitous, universally loved and somewhat reviled, the lowly potato is actually a pretty good food until we douse it with salt and fat. Control these two ingredients and you have a very good source of nutrients, fiber and vitamins.  Originating in Peru some 5000 years ago, the potato has become one of the worlds great … Continue reading


From the land of giraffes and zebras via several college hostels in India comes our guest chef . He kicks it off here with his first recipe; a crisp and fresh kachumbari salad reminiscent of his days as a young lad in Dar-es-Salaam.