This is a delightfully refreshing salad that can be served before or after a light dinner.  Bursting with flavor, it pairs well with a semi soft cheese and a crisp riesling or chardonnay.  You could also serve it with fresh bread and cheese or with a bit of greek yoghurt on the side.  The salad … Continue reading

I made this kuzhambu other other day when I had to cook up a sauce in a hurry for some visitors. Ideal for serving with adai, dosai or with rice.  This was a quick version and it can be made with a variety of available vegetables.

When I first made this vegetable thogaiyal (tapenade/dip)  I stuck closely to the recipe given my friend’s mother, Mrs. Rukmini Kesavan.  It felt safe. I was cooking for  my 3 year old daughter and Mrs. Kesavan was so kind. In a single night, before her flight to Chennai, she showed me how to make this … Continue reading

I have just sautéed some vegetables and spices for thogaiyal. I am crunched for time and about to make ratatouille.  I decided to make it in the same pan and allow the spice flavors to infuse the ratatouille.  A bit of saffron and a few other special ingredients and my guests loved it.   I … Continue reading

Who among us has not come home feeling a bit weary and faced a sparse refrigerator? Guest Chef Raji Venkatesan has just the recipe to serve your family. A filling soup that everyone can help make. Ideal for those cold wintry nights.

This is the payasam of my childhood. My mother would make it on festival days. For me, all other payasams were just wanna be’s.  This payasam always was the real thing. Amma never showed me how she made this. I have tried to recreate it from childhood memories and without fresh coconut milk

My daughter loves fruits and vegetables. Today I introduced her to brussels sprouts by describing them to her as baby cabbage. She was delighted by the little fairy size vegetables (she going through a Tinker bell phase) and we cleaned and steamed them for 3 minutes.