Okra is one of my all time favorite vegetables.  No vegetable stall we frequented in India would be without this ubiquitous ancient mallow.  In curries, in sambar, and in other assorted sauces with fresh cocunut, okra was just delicious.  My mother would make the best dry okra curry with thin slices of okra sauteed in … Continue reading

My daughter’s school was having a pioneer history week and the firts grade kids were all excited. Every time I saw my daugher she had little tidbits of information that had captured her imagination that she would share with me. At school they made a large covered wagon and they learned about the Oregon trail … Continue reading

Here is a simple variation on the traditional aloo mutter paneer that is the staple of most tandoori restaurants the world over. With fresh vegetables and tomatoes it bursts with flavors. The tofu adds protein and removes some fat.  It can be a fairly low fat dish and versatile enough to be served with bread, roti … Continue reading

Every cook needs a few quick dishes they can produce in a jiffy to feed unexpected visitors or a hungry family on the prowl for the evening meal.  Every Indian family has a few such dishes that the children know and anticipate with pleasure. Every wayside food stall and “hotel” have their own set of … Continue reading

Here is a delicious breakfast that will bite you back. I came down on a Saturday morning for a late breakfast and peered into the fridge. Nope. In the freezer.  Aha. I have a small serving of frozen ash pumpkin I had cut a few weeks ago.  Yoghurt and cilantro and some fresh jalapeños.  And … Continue reading

Sambar is one of those ubiquitous South Indian dishes with endless variations. Each household has its own recipe for sambar powder and a wide variety of acceptable powders are now available in the grocery stores. But nothing beats a good home made sambar powder. There are also several variations of sambar made with freshly ground … Continue reading

We are having a chili contest at the office today. What’s the vegetarian to do to have an acceptable entry?  I feel like the proverbial cat with a long tail in a room full of rocking chairs. Off to the market to find good ingredients.  Let’s make this as fresh as possible and see if … Continue reading

Guest Chef Saras brings us another delicious yet simple stew. Her traditional recipes are marked by her simple steps and ease of preparation.