Rasam Powder

Fresh rasam power adds a great deal of aroma and flavor to your rasams and to many other dishes you can make with recipes found in this collection.  It’s always been a bit intimidating to venture into the ‘grind your own spices’ space. This was the exclusive preserve of grandmothers and mothers.  I remember going … Continue reading

My maternal grandmother would make the best iddli milagaipodi. It was unmistakeable. The rich dark color and the perfect texture. Not too coarse and not too fine. Add sesame oil and it was the best accompaniment to jasmine soft steamed iddli or her pattu dosai.  My aunt Vijaya had her own recipe. A bit spicier … Continue reading

Chilled Lemon Thyme and Cardamom Water

My friend Revathi called to poke fun. She tells me that I should next post a recipe for how to make water. She’s laughing because all my recipes are so easy. Well, like all good things in life, the best recipes are also beguilingly simple. On the days my grandmother made butter at home, using … Continue reading

Saraswathi Varadarajan of New Mumbai has contributed a wonderful recipe for making sambar. I share it here again in case any of you missed it. Sambar powder as I make. You may change the quantity of red chillies as per your spice limit. 1 tbsp methi seeds 1cm cube hing block 1 cup approx 150 … Continue reading

I am taking a big risk with this but my friend Andy has asked for a rasam powered recipe. Many of you have family recipes and would scoff at this simple recipe. Please share your variations. It would be wonderful have have 5 or 6 or even a dozen different rasam powder recipe. As a … Continue reading