One of the local restaurants served a watermelon soup. I liked the idea and what could be better than a chilled gazpacho on a hot summer day? I have made it a couple of times and its simplicity is only matched by the loud appreciation of my guests. Kids love uncle Shankar’s red soup.

Soups have been a wonderful source of creativity for me. Like a golf game, no two soups are ever alike. The ingredients, combinations, proportions and methods all offer the possibility of infinite variation in flavor, color, consistency and texture. My mother would make a vegetable soup in India with a fresh tomato base and lentil … Continue reading

Strawberry Gazpacho

Summer Days and strawberries. This recipe has been adapted by guest chef Lavanya Krishnan.  Serve on your patio along with her vegetarian tacos for a light and refreshing lunch or dinner that will wow your friends, yet keep them from growing on you.

Who among us has not come home feeling a bit weary and faced a sparse refrigerator? Guest Chef Raji Venkatesan has just the recipe to serve your family. A filling soup that everyone can help make. Ideal for those cold wintry nights.

From time to time the local grocery will have fresh snap peas at an attractive price that I find irresistible. That week I will add these sweet crisp snaps to salads, to uppama, to sambar and to just about any dish I can think to add them. The key is to not overcook them.  The … Continue reading

Guest Chef Raji Venkatesan shares another delightful hot soup for that cold winter evening. She says it is inspired by one of the other soups from these pages but it is skillfully conceived with very different flavors and textures.

My soups are really about available vegetables and the mood of the moment. John and Sally were coming to dinner and I had come home late from work, it was a cold day with 6 inches of snow on the ground and I had some butternut squash.  So I started with this soup to be … Continue reading

This is a delicious vegetarian chili that requires some prep time, but the results are worth it!  The San Marzano tomatoes are a key to the unique flavor so resist the temptation to substitute regular tomatoes. “It will be totally worth it,” says Guest Chef Lavanya Krishan.