Jowar Idiappam

Idiyappam made with ragi flour right in your own kitchen. The healthy yet delicious alternative to rice flour. And it lends itself to so many flavors. Kudos to guest chef Saras  for sharing this with her easy to make method.

My biweekly routine of making iddli and adai batter is in progress. There are a number if you asking for the recipe and there are so many visitors on this page who are experts at this. You have been making iddli since when I was in a prior life. So I have hesitated and hoped … Continue reading

Guest Chef Saras shares her tested method for making idiyappam in your kitchen. You will be surprised to see how easy it is to make soft and delicious idiappam from scratch. Try it.

Masala dosa.  This seeming simple dish conjures up childhood memories of those rare occasions when we would go out to eat. The two family favorites were Dasaprakash an Woodlands which were both Udipi style restaurants in the Chennai of my childhood days.  Big crispy dosa would be brought out with a flourish and served with … Continue reading

This common and easy to make fare is often scoffed at by expert cooks.  Perhaps it acquired this reputation from Kuchela (aka Sudama). This poor peasant goes to visit his childhood friend Krishna with nothing more than a handful of aval as a gift. Krishna, by then the king of Dwarka, receives his friend with … Continue reading

Here is a traditional recipe from Raji Venkatesan.  My grandmother would make this too for a quick snack for herself and the grandchildren. It brings back a cloud of nostalgic memories of a simpler life.

These bite-size snacks are perfect for a change from the deep-fried fare that we often reach for to satisfy those 3 p.m. snack attacks. They are high in protein and will curb late afternoon hunger pangs. Try them with the avocado salsa for a boost of Omega-3 fatty acids, great for the brain. For a spicier … Continue reading