It’s mid-July again and gardeners know what happens. There comes a day when the tomatoes all begin to ripen together. After what seems like months of waiting and peeking at them eagerly every day, they all decide it’s time to change color. Reds, orange, yellow and rust brown, the plants are covered with ripening fruit.  Neighbours … Continue reading

This entire blog and facebook page all got started because I mailed a jar of lemon pickles to my friend Barbara Segal. She’s a wonderful artist and she made me a bright and colorful thank you card that adorns my refrigerator to this day. I loved the bright rich colors and I persuaded her to … Continue reading

The quest for the perfect Tomato thokku is never-ending.  It can neither be too thick nor runny; tomato pieces should be disfigured but it can’t be a paste.  Finally, the spices should be just right and cooked to a perfect consistency.

Lemon pickle without oil

Pickles are the perfect accompaniment to the last course in a traditional south indian meal – thayir saadam (Highly recommended: try the two decoys on thayir saadam). As with most dishes, no two pickle recipes are the same. However, what is common knowledge is that oil is required to make a long lasting pickle. Oil, … Continue reading

My maternal grandmother would make the best iddli milagaipodi. It was unmistakeable. The rich dark color and the perfect texture. Not too coarse and not too fine. Add sesame oil and it was the best accompaniment to jasmine soft steamed iddli or her pattu dosai.  My aunt Vijaya had her own recipe. A bit spicier … Continue reading

Amazing pickling powders, recipes and techniques from Mumbai. These come to us courtesy of guest chef  Saraswathi (Saras) Varadarajan who creates these traditional dishes with quick and efficient cooking techniques. Try making these two pickle spices and experiment with locally available fruits and vegetables. I wonder what stuffed Anaheim chili or cranberries would taste like. … Continue reading

It’s that time of year and the supermarket displays are full of cranberries. I have been asked for recipes and I have a couple of pickle and sauce recipes I have shared with friends.  And then, unexpectedly, I am introduced to a delicious pickled salad. I was offered a taste of it as an afterthought … Continue reading