This is a completely vegan recipe where the cream/cheese sauce is made with ground cashew nuts soaked in water ahead of time. It takes just a few minutes to prepare and impresses your friends, if you have any of them over and share.    

Crimini Mushrooms and red peppers stir fry

In keeping with the theme of this blog I add these very simple recipes that are so delicious. And my six year old daughter loves to help make them with me.  This dinner took us perhaps fifteen to twenty minutes to get on the table.  And we both enjoyed this hearty and healthful meal. It’s … Continue reading

My five year old daughter and I seem to be on this endless quest to make the perfect spaghetti.  She prods me along by asking me to make her “noodle pasta”, whenever, yes whenever, I ask her what she would like to have for dinner.

My daughter and I made dinner together today. If you ask her how she made the sauce she will tell you  ” first we will heat the pan and put oil then dad will put a chilli and then I will put the onions…”.  And she would be right. Serve over half whole and half … Continue reading

Grilled vegetables and spaghetti

Sauté mushrooms, sweet peppers and golden cherry tomatoes in olive oil with a bit of garlic and chilli flakes. Add your choice of herbs and pepper and salt to taste. When the tomatoes skins break serve over fresh spaghetti tossed in a bit of marinara or tomato basil sauce. Tastes best hot from the stove … Continue reading