Jalapeño Lasagna

Guest Chef Lavanya Krishnan produces healthy yet delicious variation on a traditional dish. Replacing the noodles with tortillas ( whole grain tortillas would add even more nutritional value) she has a meal you can bring to the table in less than 45 minutes.

Many people look down upon the lowly uppuma. I myself am very fond of this dish perhaps because of the wonderful flavors and textures of the uppuma my grandmother or my aunt would make. My grandmother made the best lemon/ ginger rawa uppuma. My aunt Vijaya’s rice uppuma with its roasted browned crust is still … Continue reading

I recently served some small adai like creations to a few friends and both they and my five year old daughter loved them. Instead of adding grated carrots, try a small amount of grated unripe mango and some shredded curry leaves. Add one cup of sour idli batter to two cups of adai batter. Add … Continue reading

Sambar is a quintessential South Indian dish. There was not a day when we did not have sambar at home and sometimes twice. It’s pungent piquancy and its flavor can equally be an accompaniment to rice or to idlis or dosai. Just add a different vegetable and it is quite different. I still remember my mother’s spinach … Continue reading

Baby Potato Medley with mixed vegetables

Sauté onions and baby bell peppers with fresh cilantro and chillies. Add baby boiled potatoes and diced tomatoes. A few mint leaves and a cup of water and cook covered for ten minutes. Juice of one lime and salt to taste. Serve with rotis, cucumber and mango raita . A good cabernet goes well with … Continue reading

My daughter loves Adai and I make it almost every week now, thanks to the recipe given by my friends RC and Vijaya and the wet grinder schlepped all the way from India by Subra and Revathi. There are many many recipes and techniques for making Adai and I have gotten it down to one … Continue reading

Healthy Sunday Brunch

My daughter and I entertain a couple of young friends with a healthful Sunday brunch. It was really fun to have friends over and Tara was enthusiastic about my cooking page. She is a social media guru and gave me a number of good suggestions on promoting my page while helping my daughter with her … Continue reading

Friday Night Dinner with good friends Roasted Vegetable & Mint tapenade with pita chips and a 2009 Saint-Veran to die for Lentil tomato soup followed by Steamed asparagus with yoghurt cilantro dressing Potato Curry South Indian Style 2010 Bishops Peak Cabernet Sour Dough Crisps with butter and Strawberry Mango preserves Ginger Tea

Boiled or microwaved potato cubes lightly salted and topped with a blended sauce made of 0% fat greek yoghurt with fresh coriander, a slice of jalapeno, slice of fresh ginger, fresh lime juice. Low fat. Lots of vitamins and calcium. Filling . Tastes great. Quick. Cleanup is a snap. wow!