Here’s another quick and yummy meal that you can bring to the table in a few minutes. Serve for lunch or dinner or even as an after school snack. It honestly took me less than 20 minutes to get on the table with available ingredients in my kitchen. And that last point is the big … Continue reading

A warm herbed bread recipe comes to us form our newest guest chef, Vaishnavi.  Judging from this recipe, we will soon be seeing many more expert meals and dishes from her; and soon. We hope she will be a frequent contributor to these pages.

October is when there is a clear drop in the temperature, when the day starts to get a little short and the night starts to get a little long. The cold evenings make me lazy and I would rather spend as little time in the kitchen as possible. Soups make for a quick and perfect … Continue reading

vegetarian cottage pie

The shepherd’s or cottage pie is something I have only read about in English storybooks.   I learned later that it was the quintessential peasant food made with leftover meat and mashed potatoes. I recently saw it being made on America’ test kitchen and it looked like it could be tasty. I decided to try … Continue reading

Pulao or mixed rice comes in various colors and flavors. It is popular all over the Indian sub-continent and every region lends its own unique flavor to this dish making it distinct. Tangy lemon rice, spicy (and tangy) tamarind rice, bland peas pulao, plain jeera rice and the list is almost endless.

South Indian Meal on Banana Leaf

Guest Chef Saras shares her recipes for the aadi perukku festival of Tamil Naadu.  Served here in the traditional style on a fresh banana leaf.  The leaf adds its own flavor to the meal. Aadi perukku is a very traditional festival of thanksgiving to the monsoon god for filling the rivers with his abundance. After … Continue reading

Vegetarian Tacos

Vegetarian Tacos with a twist from the healthful guest chef Lavanya Krishnan. Virtually no prep time and the outcome is a healthy lunch.  If you haven’t guessed by now you should know that Lavanya is a vegetarian foodie with a sharp eye on nutrition.