Apricot and mango preserves

I was visiting my friends Krishna and Paulomi at their home in the greater LA area.  Like many Californians, they too have a number of profusely productive fruit trees in their yard, including an apricot tree that was brimming with over ripe fruit.  I couldn’t pass up the chance. The fruit was so ripe and many of … Continue reading

vegetarian cottage pie

The shepherd’s or cottage pie is something I have only read about in English storybooks.   I learned later that it was the quintessential peasant food made with leftover meat and mashed potatoes. I recently saw it being made on America’ test kitchen and it looked like it could be tasty. I decided to try … Continue reading

It’s Janmashtami. The day he was born. And we all know that the he refers to the baby Krishna; the incarnation of Vishnu. Born to protect the world and deliver them from the two demons.. enough, You can read the story of Krishna elsewhere. Here guest chef Saras shares her special recipes and images of … Continue reading

Although “Chakkarai” in tamizh means sugar, it is also alternatively used to mean something that is sweet. Chakkarai Pongal is the sweet cousin of the more popular Venn (Savory) Pongal. Normally I make the sweet pongal available here. This results in a perfectly delectable pongal. But this time I wanted to shake things up a bit!

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Vegetarian

In the parts where I come from, it is customary to start a meal with a sweet dish. Payasam is the first dish that is served on the plate. Keeping that tradition in mind, I wanted to start with something sweet. One of my high school friends lives near by and her husband is a … Continue reading

This is the payasam of my childhood. My mother would make it on festival days. For me, all other payasams were just wanna be’s.  This payasam always was the real thing. Amma never showed me how she made this. I have tried to recreate it from childhood memories and without fresh coconut milk

An egg-less banana nut bread that my daughter often makes.  When you see bananas turning over-ripe, it is time to make this sure winner.  A slice of the bread with a cup of coffee or tea is a perfect afternoon pick-up.

Homemade cookies are a holiday tradition and what could be more seasonal that a cranberry pumpkin spice cookie?  This is lovely seasonal recipe for making with your kids. Make several batches to give as gifts for the holidays. Your friends will like them and your pocketbook will love them.