It’s mid-July again and gardeners know what happens. There comes a day when the tomatoes all begin to ripen together. After what seems like months of waiting and peeking at them eagerly every day, they all decide it’s time to change color. Reds, orange, yellow and rust brown, the plants are covered with ripening fruit.  Neighbours … Continue reading

My neighbour Lauren asked me if I had any good recipes for ripe avocados. She and her family were tired of guacamole and wondered if I could produce something different. I took up the challenge as she proferred three time avacados and a bunch of cilantro that was slighly older that I ; it was … Continue reading

Summer, to me, is always defined by the fruits it has to offer.  While I lived in India, it was the one and only Mango.  Here, it conjures up images of plums, apricots, cherries and berries of several kinds.  I know spring is moving on and summer is round the corner, when I start seeing … Continue reading

When I first made this vegetable thogaiyal (tapenade/dip)  I stuck closely to the recipe given my friend’s mother, Mrs. Rukmini Kesavan.  It felt safe. I was cooking for  my 3 year old daughter and Mrs. Kesavan was so kind. In a single night, before her flight to Chennai, she showed me how to make this … Continue reading

My maternal grandmother would make the best iddli milagaipodi. It was unmistakeable. The rich dark color and the perfect texture. Not too coarse and not too fine. Add sesame oil and it was the best accompaniment to jasmine soft steamed iddli or her pattu dosai.  My aunt Vijaya had her own recipe. A bit spicier … Continue reading