The lowly uppuma frequently gets a bad rap. Despite it having been a winning recipe on a TV chef competition, many of us harbor a little bit of disdain for this dish.  This is reflected in phrases like  “just uppuma”. My daughter and I love uppuma. It is nutritous and capable of infinite variety and can … Continue reading

Summer, to me, is always defined by the fruits it has to offer.  While I lived in India, it was the one and only Mango.  Here, it conjures up images of plums, apricots, cherries and berries of several kinds.  I know spring is moving on and summer is round the corner, when I start seeing … Continue reading

My biweekly routine of making iddli and adai batter is in progress. There are a number if you asking for the recipe and there are so many visitors on this page who are experts at this. You have been making iddli since when I was in a prior life. So I have hesitated and hoped … Continue reading

This common and easy to make fare is often scoffed at by expert cooks.  Perhaps it acquired this reputation from Kuchela (aka Sudama). This poor peasant goes to visit his childhood friend Krishna with nothing more than a handful of aval as a gift. Krishna, by then the king of Dwarka, receives his friend with … Continue reading

In a large saute pan grill green peppers, cubed potatoes and mushrooms with a little butter and canola oil. Add some thyme and crushed chili pepper flakes. In a blender add 1 cup of Greek yoghurt along with 1/2 tsp fresh ginger, 1 ripe roma or two cherry tomatoes, a bunch of fresh cilantro and … Continue reading

Healthy Sunday Brunch

My daughter and I entertain a couple of young friends with a healthful Sunday brunch. It was really fun to have friends over and Tara was enthusiastic about my cooking page. She is a social media guru and gave me a number of good suggestions on promoting my page while helping my daughter with her … Continue reading

I have recently rediscovered this old standby. I use stale or left over bread cut into chunks. Add a couple of tbs of oil or butter or ghee to a sauté pan and cook up some onions green chilies and red or green or baby bell peppers add 1/2 tsp rasam powder and some curry … Continue reading

This recipe is from Emily who made these exquisite waffles with brown rice. They probably taste best eaten in sunny California though there’s much to be said for living in a place where the earth stands still and wild fire is just a weed. Brown Rice Waffles1 1/2 cups brown rice1 – 1 1/2 cups … Continue reading