My grandmother was an extraordinary cook. We all knew it as children. She was venerated by the family and watching her cook in her prime was each time a learning experience for the rest of my life. As a boy growing up, I was not expected to be in the kitchen, let alone learn to … Continue reading

One of the wonderful ways to enhance the flavor of dishes is to add a touch of new herbs or spices in them and transform traditional recipes by introducing an unexpected flavor. It shouldn’t be so pungent as to overwhelm the dish but just enough to be noticed and yet leave the person wondering; like … Continue reading

My daughter and I are sitting on a swing under an apple tree in the backyard of a friend’s house. We are eating apples as we gently rock back and forth. The leaves are just beginning to turn. The gentle breezes waft and rustle. Dappled shades of green. Sour apples . My daughter asks ‘ … Continue reading

My first column on cooking has been published this month in The ARTery. Check it out below. And yes they have some articles on other art forms as well. Enjoy and post your comments on this page or on their page. South Indian Cuisine; It’s Art Now. When I was growing up in Adyar, my … Continue reading

The economics of making pickles is very complex. First one must buy a jar of organic green olives and eat them with some good bread and cheese accompanied by a decent wine or port. Now the empty jar must be washed and have the label carefully removed. Now you have a good $15 empty bottle … Continue reading

When I was a young boy yoghurt was made each day at home and my grandmother would skim the cream off the top and collect it in A small container . Once some critical mass of cream was collected she would get busy and take over. Ice would be brought in. Among her belongings she … Continue reading

I was eating a fresh peach I had ripened for a few days in a brown paper bag. The fruit twisted off the pit effortlessly. As I stared at the beauty of the half cut fruit with the pit in the middle I found myself wanting to break it opne and see if the kernel … Continue reading